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Increased demand for short-term motor insurance

In response to the economic uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the loss of jobs and reduced income for some persons, it appears many motor vehicle owners are opting to purchase short-term motor insurance.

Chris Hind, General Manager of JN General Insurance Company (JNGI), disclosed that “hundreds of motorists” have been accessing the company’s ‘Shorty’ short-term motor insurance policy for 30, 60 or 90 days since it was launched in February.  

“Our goal is to make insurance more affordable and convenient for road users and, particularly now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it financially difficult for some persons to obtain long-term motor insurance,” Hind said.

Chris Hind, General Manager of JN General Insurance Company

“We see and hear the stories every day how COVID-19 is creating economic hardship for so many persons. Some are now without a job including some of our customers. Persons in situations like that will have to make prudent decisions about spending.  Additionally, many persons have been driving less as they have been working from home; therefore, we have to meet customers where they are to help them keep their vehicles legally operated on the road.”

He also pointed out that the ‘Shorty’ insurance is applicable to third-party private and private commercial insurance.

“The terms of the short-term insurance are the same as the traditional one-year contract,” Hind stressed, adding that third-party insurance is the biggest segment of the market.

Susan McCarty, a school teacher, in St Catherine, welcomes the opportunity to purchase the “Shorty” insurance for her car.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I did not want to pay for a year, not knowing what will happen later on, as many people have been losing their jobs, as a result of COVID-19,” she said.

McCarty obtained a 30-day insurance for February and a second one in March.  She subsequently took out a 60-day policy for April and May.

“It’s convenient and cost-effective.  I’ll continue to use it,” related McCarty, who paid $3,780.82 for the one-month insurance; and $4,647.97 including tax, for the two-month insurance.

Similarly, Mark Bell, a cook in St Ann, is equally pleased that he could access a 60-day Shorty insurance policy.

“Something was wrong with my vehicle, and this other car was parked for a while; therefore, this insurance is just until I get back my car,” he explained.

It was Bell’s first time obtaining the “Shorty” insurance.  Having benefited from its convenience, he indicated that, he will access it again, whenever the need arises.

The ‘Shorty’ Insurance is available only online; therefore, motorists are required to visit the company’s website at to purchase it.

Meanwhile, the JNGI General Manager underscores that short-term insurance proves convenient not only now in this Covid-19 crisis, but for a number of other reasons.

“It’s an ideal product for persons who are selling a motor vehicle, as it’s not necessary for them to commit to a one-year policy.  Then, there are those with a second vehicle, which they can use for their loved ones when they visit from abroad or it’s used when their main vehicle goes into the garage for an extended period.

Hind cautions that it is never worth the risk to drive without insurance.

“In addition to the legal trouble which could result, insurance provides the peace of mind that there is something to fall back on should there be an unfortunate incident for which you are liable, or if you damage another vehicle, or heaven forbid, injure someone.”

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