Job Interview Tips

Make a Great Impression: How to pass an Interview

1. You shine best when you have a good understanding of who you are and when you are able to communicate this message to strangers.

2. Research the industry, department and company.

3. During the interview, try to ask thoughtful questions about the company based on what was researched

4. First impressions are the most important in job interviews. If you’re not sure what to wear, ask ahead of time about the workplace dress code. The safest bet is to dress professionally, paying attention to grooming, soothing colors and tasteful accessories.

5. Arrive for your interview about 5-10 minutes early. Good employers value punctuality, and if you arrive even a minute late, you will likely give a poor first impression. Arriving more than 10 minutes early can put undue pressure on the interviewer, especially if they have a number of interviews to get through in the day.

6. Remember to exude confidence—hold your head high, stand straight and tall, hold a slight smile, and relax. Introduce yourself with a smile, a reasonably firm handshake, and a relaxed and self-assured demeanor.

7. Don’t bring up salary on your first interview, unless the employer brings it up first. If they ask what you’re making at your current place of employment, provide an exact salary or a salary range. If appropriate, you can mention that you feel it might be premature to talk salary. What is most important in the first interview is getting a sense of compatibility between yourself and the company.